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Content Creation

There’s no point in having a great website and social channels if your content is subpar – this is where we come in.

We offer photography, video, animation and copywriting services, to make sure all digital touch-points not only look amazing but also work together seamlessly.




Film Production

Digital Design

Your brand is more than just your logo, which is why we design visuals to showcase your products and services to build your brand recognition online. 

We work with you to design everything from a new logo and social media templates to brand guidelines and bespoke illustrations. Once completed, you’ll fall in love with your branding all over again.

Social Design


Brand Guidelines


Social Media

Content schedules, posting strategies, hashtags, alt-text, engagement and management – let it be our daily grind, not yours.

We know all the ins and outs of social media and will eat, sleep, tweet, repeat on your behalf.

Scheduling & Posting

Hashtag Optimisation

Social Engagement


Duck Soups workshops are focused, dedicated intensives that help you and 
your team bridge the gap between vision, strategy and execution.

Organised as three hour sessions, our workshops are designed to foster ideation, exploration and collaboration for your team.

Brand Strategy

Social Media Strategy

New Product Development

Websites & SEO

Website design and development is not as scary as it sounds when you have experts on your side.

We can help bring your business online with a website 
that not only looks great, but delivers a simple, yet engaging user experience.

Website Design

Mobile Optimisation


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