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An easily accomplished task, a cinch to succeed with the right people.
“Successfully completing that bar exam was DuckSoup”

the full story

Duck Soup Creative was born when its two founders saw an opportunity to help businesses create strong marketing and content, with sound strategy underpinning every touchpoint.

With the next generation of consumers seeking brands that align with their values and existing for the greater good. It’s imperative that today’s brands step up to meet these demands and communicate their vision for change. Which is where we come in.

As a pair of career Advertising professionals, with a skill-set that ranges from brand strategy through art direction, design, cinematography, film production, copywriting, animation and social media.

At Duck Soup we knew we had the tools and experience to not only develop and strengthen these purposes but also guide brands to communicate these values, and show a point of difference with our integrated offering.

At Duck Soup we deliver outcomes with pride, care and efficiency and are dedicated to quality customer service. We operate with a light and flexible hands-on team that work across all disciplines, however we operate with a unique structure that allows us to be scalable with our network of skilled collaborators, which enables us to service both small and large companies effectively.

meet the team

We're creators, strategists and semi-professional shower singers


selby & keir

Selby and Keir are the dynamic duo behind Duck Soup. Together, they have over two decades of experience in the advertising industry working across creative, design, production, strategy, account service and social media.

Having worked on some of Australia’s most iconic and fast paced accounts, they’re ready to help you tackle your digital marketing needs.

clients we’ve worked with along the way

what we do

We do a lot here at Duck Soup to get your business on track for success. Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or a giant in your field we can help you find a clear direction. Check out our range of services below.

Bespoke Video Shoots
TikTok Video Shoots
Animated Video
Animated Logo

Social Media Templates
Instagram Story Design
Social Media Strategy
Instagram Content Pillars
Hashtag Micro Library
Social Media Refresh

Logo refresh/redesign
Brand Guidelines
Branding Development
Brand Strategy Workshop
NPD Workshop
Posting Management

Social Engagement
Campaign Management
Design & Development
Website Maintenance

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